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Ohio State

Regular Season Fall 2014
Fall 2014 x Regular Season

Aaron Thomas

Aaronthomas 1 small
· Center

Allen White

Allenwhite2 small
· Wing

Austin Mack

Austinmack1 small
· Prop

Blake Crowley

Blakecrowley2 small
· Flyhalf

Brandon Heidinger

Brandonheidinger 1 small
21 · Center

Brendan Kobunski

Brendinkobonski2 small
· Center

Bryan Hoffman

Bryan hoffman small
· Wing

Bryan Vega

Bryan vega small
· Flanker

Buddy Bowers

Buddy small
· Flyhalf

Cesar Santamaria

Cesarsantamaria 1 small
· Wing

Chris Seguin

Christopher seguin small
· Lock

Chris Foster

17 ·

Cody Sheets

Noname 5 small
22 · Center

Cory Harmon

Coryharmon 2 small
7 · Center

Daniel Noland

Dannoland2 small
· Flanker

Daniel Rotella

Danrotella 2 small
· Full Back

Daniel Lentz

Danlentz1 small
· Center

Danny Peyton

Danpeyton 2 small
· Center

David Stauder

Davidstauder small
· Lock

Evan Brown

· Wing

Franklin Pera

Franklinpera1 small
· Full Back

Geebellue Mensah

Geebelluemensah 2 small
· Center

Harrison McCallum

Harrymccallum 1 2 small
· Scrumhalf

Ian Hildebrandt

Ianhildenbrant2 small
10 · Flyhalf

Jack Bengel

Jackbengel 1 small
4 · Lock

Jack Walsh

Jackwalsh 2 small
· Flyhalf

Jacob Friedman

Jacobfriedman 2 small
18 · Lock

Jake Berlin

Jacobberlin 1 small
6 · Center

Jean Pothier

Jeanpothier2 small
· Full Back

Jeff Chatfield

Jeffchatfield 2 small
· Flanker

John Pacelli

Johnpaxelli 1 small
· Hooker

John Harlan

Johnharlan1 small
· Wing

John Walsh

11 ·

Jojo Eramo

Jojoeramo 1 small
14 · Wing

Jonathan Rodriguez

Jonathanrodriguez 1 small
· Prop

Josh Weemhoff

· Hooker

Justin Fienberg

Justinfienberg1 small
· Scrumhalf

Kevin Fessenmeyer

Kevinfessenmeyer 1 small
1 · Hooker

Kevin Gibbons

Kevingibbons2 small
· Lock

Kyle O'Donnell

Kyleodonnell 2 small
· Prop

Luke Hickey

Lukehickey 1 small
· Scrumhalf

Luke Fay

Lukefay 3 small
2 · Hooker

Matt Mahoney

Mattmahoney2 small
19 · Wing

Matt Snyder

Mattsnyder2 small
· Wing

Matthew White

Noname 3 small
23 · Center

Matthew Stauder

Matthewstauder 2 small

Matthias Hornung

· Prop

Mike Matthews

13 · Center

Nate Allen

Nateallen 1 small
· Prop

Nathan Grose

Nathangrose1 small
5 · Lock

Nick Mihalitsas

Nicksquatch 1 small
3 · Prop

Nick Adamson

Nickadamson4 small
· Flanker

Patrick Riley

Patrielly1 small
· Wing

Robbie Ward

Robertward1 small
· Wing

Ronan Forrestal

15 · Full Back

Ryan Skelly

Noname small
12 · Wing

Ryan Young

Ryanyoung 1 small
· Wing

Santino Cua

Cua small
20 · Number 8

Scott Freitag

Noname1 small
8 · Flanker

Scott Atkinson

Scottatkinson 2 small
· Full Back

Stephen Slawinski

Stephens 1 small

Taylor Hurff

Taylorrabbit 2 small
9 · Flyhalf

Tim Dziak

· Prop

Zach Diakiw

Zachdiakiw 1 small
· Flanker

Number Photo Name Pos. Year
Aaronthomas 1 small Aaron Thomas Center Sophomore
Allenwhite2 small Allen White Wing Junior
Austinmack1 small Austin Mack Prop Senior
Blakecrowley2 small Blake Crowley Flyhalf Freshman
21 Brandonheidinger 1 small Brandon Heidinger Center Junoir
Brendinkobonski2 small Brendan Kobunski Center Junior
Bryan hoffman small Bryan Hoffman Wing Senior
Bryan vega small Bryan Vega Flanker Senior
Buddy small Buddy Bowers Flyhalf Super Senior
Cesarsantamaria 1 small Cesar Santamaria Wing Sophomore
Christopher seguin small Chris Seguin Lock Junior
17 Nophoto square Chris Foster
22 Noname 5 small Cody Sheets Center Sophomore
7 Coryharmon 2 small Cory Harmon Center Senior
Dannoland2 small Daniel Noland Flanker Senior
Danrotella 2 small Daniel Rotella Full Back Junior
Danlentz1 small Daniel Lentz Center Freshman
Danpeyton 2 small Danny Peyton Center Sophomore
Davidstauder small David Stauder Lock Senior
Nophoto square Evan Brown Wing Sophomore
Franklinpera1 small Franklin Pera Full Back Freshman
Geebelluemensah 2 small Geebellue Mensah Center Sophomore
Harrymccallum 1 2 small Harrison McCallum Scrumhalf Sophomore
10 Ianhildenbrant2 small Ian Hildebrandt Flyhalf Junior
4 Jackbengel 1 small Jack Bengel Lock Junior
Jackwalsh 2 small Jack Walsh Flyhalf Sophomore
18 Jacobfriedman 2 small Jacob Friedman Lock Junior
6 Jacobberlin 1 small Jake Berlin Center Senior
Jeanpothier2 small Jean Pothier Full Back Senior
Jeffchatfield 2 small Jeff Chatfield Flanker Senior
Johnpaxelli 1 small John Pacelli Hooker Junior
Johnharlan1 small John Harlan Wing Sophomore
11 Nophoto square John Walsh
14 Jojoeramo 1 small Jojo Eramo Wing Sophomore
Jonathanrodriguez 1 small Jonathan Rodriguez Prop Junior
Nophoto square Josh Weemhoff Hooker Junior
Justinfienberg1 small Justin Fienberg Scrumhalf Senior
1 Kevinfessenmeyer 1 small Kevin Fessenmeyer Hooker Junior
Kevingibbons2 small Kevin Gibbons Lock Junior
Kyleodonnell 2 small Kyle O'Donnell Prop Senior
Lukehickey 1 small Luke Hickey Scrumhalf Senior
2 Lukefay 3 small Luke Fay Hooker Junior
19 Mattmahoney2 small Matt Mahoney Wing Junior
Mattsnyder2 small Matt Snyder Wing Junior
23 Noname 3 small Matthew White Center Senior
Matthewstauder 2 small Matthew Stauder Freshman
Nophoto square Matthias Hornung Prop Junior
13 Nophoto square Mike Matthews Center
Nateallen 1 small Nate Allen Prop Freshman
5 Nathangrose1 small Nathan Grose Lock Freshman
3 Nicksquatch 1 small Nick Mihalitsas Prop Senior
Nickadamson4 small Nick Adamson Flanker Freshman
Patrielly1 small Patrick Riley Wing Freshman
Robertward1 small Robbie Ward Wing Junior
15 Nophoto square Ronan Forrestal Full Back
12 Noname small Ryan Skelly Wing Junior
Ryanyoung 1 small Ryan Young Wing Sophomore
20 Cua small Santino Cua Number 8 Senior
8 Noname1 small Scott Freitag Flanker Junior
Scottatkinson 2 small Scott Atkinson Full Back Sophomore
Stephens 1 small Stephen Slawinski
9 Taylorrabbit 2 small Taylor Hurff Flyhalf Junior
Nophoto square Tim Dziak Prop Sophomore
Zachdiakiw 1 small Zach Diakiw Flanker Junior