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The Big Ten Universities Rugby Conference is a premier USA Rugby Men's Collegiate Division I-A rugby conference.  The conference was created in 2012 in response to USA Rugby’s shift to a college conference system. Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Purdue, Ohio State and Wisconsin were the inaugural teams.  Penn State and Northwestern compete in our Big Ten Sevens Series in the Spring.

The conference plays regular season games in the fall and the #1 Seed gets the Automatic Qualifier to USA Rugby’s National Championship.

The BTU Rugby Conference is not affiliated with, endorsed by or sponsored by the official Big Ten Conference.


Thomas Rooney

Thomas Rooney

BTU Commissioner

Phone: 614-325-1515

Aaron Weir

Aaron Weir

BTU Treasurer

Phone: 614-507-6680

Matthew  DeBarr

Matthew DeBarr

Website Administrator

Phone: 614-273-5581

Megan Messerly

Marketing & Communications Intern


Sopa Enari

Indiana - Head Coach

Jim Estes

Iowa - Head Coach

Phone: 309-738-3981

John Heaney

Illinois - Head Coach & President

Phone: 773-799-7940

Brandon Sparks

Michigan - Head Coach

Phone: 617-413-4969

Todd Strbik

Michigan State - Head Coach

Phone: 248-761-0195

Rob Holder

Rob Holder

Minnesota - Head Coach

Ron Bowers

Ohio State - Head Coach

Phone: 614-946-6162

Mark Behrens

Purdue - Head Coach

Nic Tyson

Wisconsin - Head Coach

Phone: 608-445-7731